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Minor, Major, and Planned

Minor Repairs

For minor repairs, T&L Lift Trucks have 5 service vehicles to take care of on-site repairs.  Available to work on aerial equipment, forklifts, and scrubbers. All vehicles are stocked with a wide selection of common repair parts for quick turnaround. T&L has a full mobile press unit to provide in-plant service and reduce your downtime. 

Major Repairs
TL Warehouse.JPG

T & L Lift Trucks has 2 Roll backs and a 10,000 square foot shop to handle major repairs.  We can bring your equipment to our shop to repair and then return to you.

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance programs are also available.  Our qualified staff will maintain your equipment to keep it in the best possible operating condition.  Planned maintenance helps to minimize unexpected breakdowns by identifying small repairs and faults before they lead to a major breakdown.

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